The Two Dans
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Outdoor Cats
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Indoor Cats

Mandrake, along with Jasmine and Skooter, is our indoor cat.  The three of them are the more important cats on the farm.  Damien, who is the indoor/outdoor cat, is also aloud to be in the house at night, and is most of the time, but the other three are supposed to be in at night.

Jasmine, our tortoise shell, is the queen of the house, and she does act like it sometimes.  She is a well trained and well beahaved cat most of the time though.

Skooter, the "Big Orange Chicken", is so nicknamed because he tends to be scared of anything larger than a pinhead, until he gets used to it.  He is quite well behaved, and craves attention most of the time.  He is also a very photogenic kitty, and we can quite often get good pictures of him.

Mandrake is our "Special Kitty", and should be wearing a helmet, at least that is how we feel after his mishap on the gravel road, about a mile and a half from home.  He is a pretty good kitty though, and he loves to snuggle with DWF at night.

Damien, the indoor/outdoor kitty, is a very well behaved young tom, who loves to be petted.  He and Manny will often play together, as they are near the same age.  He does take after Skooter in many ways, and is also quite photogenic. 


Mandrake & Damien




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